Catwoman #16: Filler Chapter

Joelle Jones current run of DC’s favorite thief continued last Wednesday with her fight against the Creel family, as they attempt to maintain power in Villa Hermosa.

The prior chapters gave us a good mix of story development and fights, but this was one of the weakest chapters so far.

Having gone through the Lazarus pit, Creel is better than ever, while Selina was left injured, only to return and interrogate a mob boss. Jones decided in this issue to provide humour by using the cliched stereotype of a spoiled kid’s birthday party, which happens to belong to a mob boss family. I found this to be overdone and unfunny. Selina then interrogates the mob boss to learn Creel’s whereabouts, but Jones leave the info a secret. This made the feel unfinished, since it added little to nothing to progress the story. Catwoman now has the info she needs and that’s all that was accomplished, but leaving the audience in the dark makes it feel like we learned nothing.

This is the first issue with Jones writing and drawing the series, and the art was a nice change of pace with an older and more classic feel to it. I especially enjoyed the dotting and line placement in panels to make things have a more classic comic feel. The nostalgia from both the artist and colorist was the most enjoyable part of this issue.

Overall, for those reading this series, this was an issue that you can skip without missing anything important in the overarching narrative. It felt more like a filler chapter by attempting to showcase humor as opposed to building upon the current narrative.

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