Outsiders #6: A Decent Read

Black Lightning and Katana have now captured Sofia, the metahuman they’ve been after, but Ra’s al Ghul has other plans. While the older members of The Outsiders have been busy looking for Sofia, the younger teammates have been caught by al Ghul’s mercenary, Ishmael. The fight culminates in the defeat of both Orphan and Signal, who follow Ishmael, only to lose to Lady Shiva.

Issue 6 was plagued with the younger teammates losing in every fight. Hill and Soy depict the younger members as incapable of fighting without Katana and Black Lightning. By the end of this issue, Signal has been captured by Ra’s al Ghul.

As the ending to a 6 chapter arc, it was not a high note that Hill chose to end with; instead we get a dialogue lacking, action heavy story with nothing but hopelessness and weakness from Orphan and Signal. Using characters with proven track records in combat, it was disappointing watching the two lose; whereas the previous book displayed Katana and Black Lightning’s overwhelming power.

Hill does do a good job of keeping characters true to their original source material, but he fails to keep the readers interested as the arc’s finale felt anticlimactic.

Since the story was short on dialogue, the art had to speak volumes, and Dexter Soy did an average job. The art felt basic in most scenes with average fight panels. Soy’s most exciting scenes came from when Orphan and Signal chased down Ishmael and we had a 3/4 page panel showcasing them breaking through a window in jetpacks.

Another exciting panel from Soy was showcasing Signal and Orphan’s defeat at the hands of Siva and Ishmael. In this panel the art bled over other panels and further highlighted the despair and lack of combat prowess from our younger members.

Everything else that was done in this issue left me content, but there was nothing outstanding. The Outsiders has been an averagely entertaining series that is a good read when you need material, but I’d wait until the graphic novel comes out instead of getting the individual series.

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