Pulido’s Nightmare Symphony #1: A fun ride into the past

Having been knocked out, this issue focused on a recap of Lady Death’s past. We learn more about her lover, Ravenheart and children, before Leviatha kills them all. Having killed her kids and husband, we see Lady Death fight off Torzo, Char and Leviatha. By the end of the 24 page chapter, we see her awaken to Séance greeting her.

The Story

When it comes to flashback scenarios, you get one of two things; either the author drags on unimportant issues, or you get enough info to enhance an arc. Pulido and MacLean delivered with this arc by combining enough story and action to make this a quick and enjoyable read. Watching Ravenheart slaughter hordes of enemies; Seeing Lady Death bursting from the belly of a beast; Seeing her in a moment of weakness as Torzo’s magic gets the better of her; Watching Leviatha trick Lady Death, all of those panels were drawn in ways that enhanced the writing and experience. Each page kept the story moving at a good pace without hanging onto too many details.

The Art

While the art is average for a series, Anthony Spay did deliver with his sequences of Hell’s army in the beginning and The Beast towards the end of the chapter. The detail in drawing larger numbers of character and individual tentacles and teeth n the beast was well don. I would however liked to see a much larger army as opposed to what was depicted as there was a noticeable amount of empty space that could’ve been filled with other content in the opening scene. As for The Beast, we saw very little detail inside the beast when Lady Death gets swallowed, but it allowed for the sequence that followed after, where Lady Death unleashes her energy and blows The Beast up.

Overall the story progression was not hindered by the flashback arc and allowed us to further develop the relationship between Leviatha and Lady Death. Ending the chapter with Lady Death reawakening, showed us that the flashback was finished without adding too much detail to detract from the current arc. This addition to the current arc for Lady Death is highly recommended to pick up. It had everything that fans have loved about the series thus far and was better written than some of the recent series I’ve read at Marvel and DC.

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