X-Men #1: A Mostly Mundane Entry

Having created their new home with Krakoa, the X-Men continue their fight with Orchis.

Hickman’s latest issue starts strong with some fight sequences, then fizzles out with large amounts of dialogue, forced jokes and cliché scenarios.

The Story

X-Men gives a brief recap of Xavier and Cyclops before throwing us into a fight with Cyclops, Magneto, Storm, and Polaris. During this sequence, Hickman delivers a poor joke fom Cyclops when the humans turn themselves into Apes and attack the team. Hickman’s joke felt out of place as Cyclops isn’t a character known for wise cracks.

After the fight sequence, the team returns to Krakoa, only to provide reason for why Storm is staying behind and concluding what’ll become of the new mutants they saved.

Hickman then takes us to space where Wolverine, Cyclops and more have their home and we get banter over cooking steaks and children wanting better guns. These scenerios offered no new details and were only written to showcase the dynamic between the mutants there. These sequences however were dull as very little became accomplished and instead we are given 4+ interactions with mutants who will most likely end up having little to do with this series.

Afterwards we get a cliche, Father-Son bonding moment with Cyclops and his dad over washing dishes that results in nothing. I’m unclear as to why this chapter focused half of its energy on having the mutants chatting over dinner, when there is a real threat going on in their world. Instead Hickman felt it would be better to focus more on the human and mundane aspects of the mutants lives as a form of escapism.

The Art

While Hickman’s plot was below average, the biggest highlight from the series was the colors. Leinil Francis Yu’s art was average compared to what I see modern comics, but their color artist, Sunny Gho was fantastic. Gho managed to make even boring panels pop as he used vibrant colors to depict Krakoa and his choice of shades and hues in the lighting of each scene brought the pages together well. Though the X-Men lend themselvess to lots of color options, this was by far my favorite comic from this week in terms of colors alone.

If you’re looking for a strong start for a new series to get into, this ain’t it. While I wouldn’t call it filler levels of bad, it was plagued with large amounts of mundane moments in the middle of the story. Hickman’s dad jokes were also not great, nor was the cliched moments he added, however, ending the chapter with something to progress the story further was nice, and I’ll give this series another shot.

If you’re looking for an exciting first entry, this failed to do that, but it did provide a potentially compelling storyline with the last few pages.

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