Titans ep. 7: Dick’s past transgressions return

Starting off with a conclusion intended for the previous season, Titans picked up by adding newer members, Ravager and Superboy. In episode 2, we find that Ravager’s reason for hunting Deathstroke is due to the death of her brother, Jericho. After 5 episodes, Titans finally reveals the connections between Ravager, Jericho, Dick and the disbanding of the original Titans.

Having introduced Conner Kent in the last episode, we open with Starfire and Donna Troy patching up Conner while Dick and Jason deal with past and recent traumas.

When we first encounter Dick, he’s hallucinating that he sees and hears Bruce Wayne. Wayne tries to convince him to tell the truth, despite Dicks continuous effort to not do that. This has been an ongoing theme that they focused a lot on in this episode with Dick. Since Dick doesn’t mention why the Titans previously disbanded, nor his role in Jericho’s death; we see the team start to unravel. As everything comes to a head; Slade Wilson gets the better of Dick after a chase around the city to find Wilson, only to find; Wilson wasn’t far the whole time.

Another great aspect of this episode was the continued world and character building; from giving more detail into Wilson’s former handler and the handler’s sister, as well as, introducing a local nightclub and a donut shop, where Dick used to get information. This episode brought more people who might return to make an impact in future episodes, which helps to add more to the universe they’re creating.

Using episode 7 to focus on Jason coping with falling and Dick’s past failures wasn’t as slow as I’d thought it’d be. In Doom Patrol, when they did character focused episodes, there would be times where I felt it’d drag, but Titans was consistent . We learned more about Dick and saw another side to Jason, through a moment of weakness, due to PTSD from the incident.

I’m curious how the elements of Dick’s lying and Jason’s trauma will impact future episodes. Will we see Dick reveal everything in the next episode or further down the line still? Will Jason’s trauma affect his ability in the field should someone else fall down from a height? These two things were central to this episode and I’m sure the themes will return in the last 6 episodes and impact everything. Wilson’s plan, however, has proven useful; as he mentioned taking apart the weaker members mentally, in a conversation with Dr. Light earlier. We are also seeing this happen in greater detail now. Having teammates turn on Jason to having Dick’s obsession with keeping his secrets; Wilson is starting to unravel the team more and more each episode. Using all the psychological warfare elements, I’m excited to see what happens next.

While it lacked in the fights, the stories psychological elements and heavy character development for Dick Grayson, made this a strong episode. Few sequences felt out of place, as the cat-and-mouse chase between Dick and Wilson was integral to the end of the epiosde. This was another good installment in what is becoming a stronger season than the previous. Having Wilson’s plan come into fruition as the episodes progress, makes me excited to see where the story goes by the end of the season.

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