Power Shifts Once More in Justice League #34

As the League continues their fight in the past, present and future to stop Perpetua and Luthor; we come to a turning point in Snyder’s writing as the events come to a head.

Story progression for this series has been great from the start with Snyder’s ability to weave a stoy and keep the audience entertained. Seeing Luthor’s rise to becoming a more powerful being in service of Perpetua has been a worthwhile arc so far. The ways Snyder has shaped the story gong forward have been consistently good and a strong contender as one of the best running series at DC right now.

In the latest issue, watching the fight escalate, through the help of Vandal Savage was fun to watch, as the League members of the past arrive to help in the present. Seeing more League members from other worlds appear in the future to battle a Braniac who has taken control over multiple universes was also fun to watch. The sequence draw by Redondo and Porter was impressive. Watching so many characters in one panel, from Power Girl to Lobo, as they assault Braniac was a well conceived panel.

Another great aspect of this issue was the present fight between Shayera and Luthor, resulting in a surprising turn of events that impacts the rest of the story.

Towards the end of the arc, as we approached the present, Redondo’s use of colors to bring to life a vibrant space setting were consistently solid. Seeing the difference in colors schemes between the blues and whites of Atlantis, to the neon colors used in the space setting was beautifully done. This was by far the best issue from this week, and it’s the most consistently good series at DC right now.

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