Sonic Fox proves why he’s the best Fighter at East Coast Throwdown 19′

In a come from behind victory, Sonic Fox proved today why he’s the best at fighting games. From Mortal Kom bat to Injustice 2 and Dragonball Fighterz, Sonic Fox made a name for himself last year by winning consistently in the fighting game genres, earning him the Gamer of the Year award.

Today his legacy continues with 2 back-to-back victories at Dragonball Fighterz and MK11 at the East Coast Throwdown.

Coming from the winners bracket in MK11, Fox lost to Dragon in the winners final, only to climb back out of the losers bracket to rematch dragon. In a turn of events, Fox’s Johnny Cage proved enough to contest against Dragon’s Cetrion. After a reset, the final fights took place as Dragon switched to Kitana, a fighter that proved to give Fox trouble. After both Fox and Dragon switched to Jade and Kitana respectively, Fox finished with a win.

Earlier that day, Fox also finished in winners bracket and defeated his friend and teammate, Coach Steve in the Dragonball Fighterz finals. This was Sonic Fox’s nd win for the day, but he wasn’t the only successful contender. Coach Steve was also in Top 8 of MK11 and finished in 7th giving him a 2nd and 7th place victory alongside Fox’s two first place victories.

Having won consistently, Fox proved today that he is still the reigning champ of fighting games, and I look forward to seeing what other fighting games he looks to take up competitively in the coming years. Maybe we’ll see him in the League of Legends fighting game circuit when it officially launches or the new Guilty Gear game coming out.

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