Vampirella #4: A consistent success

As Vampirella reached it’s 50th anniversary, Dynamite announced the return of original creator Christopher Priest to spearhead 2 projects: Vampirella and Vengeance of Vampirella.

In the ongoing series of Vampirella, Priest tells the story of Vampirella’s past trough a therapist she is talking to. After the last issue, we return to three segments; The ressurection of a deceased vampire, Vampirella’s affair with a member of the militant nun group, and Vampi’s rescue attempt. The first two stories are told within a 2 page spread and take place a year into Vampirella’s past before she was known in the public’s eye. In the third storyline, we see Vampirella discussing with her lover and her new friend from Chapter 2, about whether she could save people from a crash site.

Vampi’s discussion results in a recap of her saving a pilot and passenger in a helicopter crash, at the cost of her health, culminating in the therapist presenting her with a front page article of her saving the day.

This latest issue was a fine installment in adding more to the original backstory of the character, especially for newer readers, such as myself. Priest did a good job of adding important plot elements in this year old flashback sequence; the story, while bland on action, succeeded with adding depth to Vampirella’s inability to fly in a fire nor drink everyone’s blood, when it congeals. Seeing her drawbacks as a powerful hero was a nice change of pace from seeing her fight alongside nuns and beat werewolves easily. The story direction right now, as a series to build upon her mythos is well done.

Another good aspect of the new series is the art from Ergun Gunduz. Gunduz’s art reminds me of the Archer series and fits for a graphic series like Vampirella. As this series focuses more on her character and less on fights, it is a fitting style compared to traditional superhero styles of art. Gunduz especially does well in focusing on facial experessions at different parts within the overall narrative. With his focus on expression and an Archer style of art, Gunduz was a good fit for this series.

If you’re looking for a way to get into the Vampirella series and mythos, Priest and Gunduz’s Vampirella 50th anniversary series is a great place to start. From Chapters 1-4, they have continued to deliver a solid story in terms of scene setting and world building.

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