Justice League Dark #16: Bueno’s Art Shines bright in the dark

As Zatanna helps Wonder Woman go into the realm of Eclipso to meet with Circe, we see Bobo and Khalid deal with Man Bat after he injects himself with a serum to become more of a monster.

Continuing the fight against the JLA Dark: Legion of Doom, the team takes drastic measures as heavy hitters Zatanna and Wonder Woman deal with Eclipso and Bobo is left with a small clump of what was Swamp Thing. The results are a engaging storyline building upon finding a cure for Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman stopping Circe’s plan and Dealing with Man Bat’s transformation.

Unknown to the rest of the team, Bobo encounters Constantine in a fight with Man Bat and reveals his knowledge of the girl that Swamp Thing seeks. This turn of events then shows the audience the further tie in as the Promethea’s symbol appears in the sky as it had for Detective Comics, JLA, and every current DC run this week and last. While juggling between the storylines between Wonder Woman and Bobo, Tynion IV gave the audience a well developed story with action and enough plot development to build on the story.

Seeing the results of Wonder Woman’s efforts before she is pulled out by Zatanna, and the reveal by Constantine to cure Swamp Thing, the storyline continues strong towards its finale.

The latest issue’s art by Martinez Bueno was amazing. This was one of he best drawn issues in the series, due to the fact of some of the depictions and situations that Beno was able to draw. The moon sequence as Circe talks to Diana and we see blood dripping down over multiple moons was a good use of imagery.

Another great scene drawn by Bueno was Wonder Woman in Circe’s realm. In these sequences, we see fractions of Wonder Woman as looking through Shattered glass or different realities. This design over her character added a unique and engaging feel to the overall scenes it was depicting. This issue was by far one of the strongest issues to date in terms of storyline and especially the art direction. I loved reading this story and can’t wait to see what becomes of the team as the Promethea symbol ties the Year of the Villain stories together.


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