Dick Grayson’s past sins revealed in Titans ep.8

In the previous episode, we saw Deathstroke driving home the fact that Dick Grayson lied to his team and how the mercenary was in the tower the whole time, driving a wedge amongst the team.

Yesterday’s episode flashbacked to the earlier tease about Dick meeting Deathstroke’s son, Jericho. In it, we finally got the larger picture as to what Dick did to disband the team and make Ravager go after Jason Todd initially.

As Dick Grayson got closer to Jericho, we see the original titans meet up with Jericho and befriend the kid after he’d been left without his father in his life. Things escalate shortly after when the Titans find out Jericho has powers that were passed on through medications his father took before he was born. When the team sees his powers, they offer him a part on the team, only to have Dick come clean as to why he befriended Jericho in the first place. The writers used this episode to pick up where we left off when Deathstroke killed Aqualad.

After joining the team, Jericho gets approached by Deathstroke’s partner, Wintergreen. Wintergreen gives the son a note to meet Deathstroke, where Deathstroke will explain his past to Jericho and try to convince him to keep away from the Titans. Unfortunately, the meeting results in Dick following behind Jericho and ends in a fight with Jericho using his life to save Dick.

Throughout the episode we see Dick meaning well and coming clean with people, something the modern Dick is failing to do. The downside to the past though, is that we see Dick followed Jericho in the end, when he wasn’t supposed to, because he put the mission and revenge before protecting those he cares for. Seeing how he behaved in the past shows why Dick is more secretive to the younger Titans and carries the weight of his past by himself. Deathstroke however, is using the past events to still get to Dick, and we’ll see soon whether Dick lets others back into his life or keeps the secrets until the arcs climax.

As a flashback episode, this did well to explain why Dick has been acting the way he did this season. It shows why he protected Ravager in a potential attempt to make-up for his past with Jericho. His fear of letting someone else get killed because he put the mission first is showing through, and since only a few members of the current team are aware of the past events, this shows the dynamic of the current team. Older generation Titans are unwilling to share what happened in the past with the newer members, and the biggest burden and sin from the past is Dick’s story to tell.

With the next episode titled, “Atonement,” I imagine we’ll see an episode focused on Dick bringing the team together and giving them the full story as to what happened. This should result in a stronger bond amongst the members, though there will be more anger from Ravager when she learns Dick was to blame for Jericho’s death. I’m excited to see what happens next and where the plot goes as the newer and older characters are more developed. The story’s direction so far has been great for the series.

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