Punk dominates competition in seventh 1st place victory on road to CPT

After losing to Luffy in winners Top 8 bracket, Punk made a comeback and ended up taking another tournament win shortly after his win at ECT. Proving to be the year of Punk, with six 1st place wins and 4 of them being premier finishes, Punk proves why he is the current powerhouse in the US, when it comes to SFV.

In Losers quarterfinals, we saw Punk face iDom, a matchup we saw at ECT, but this time, iDom, a consistent Laura player, broke out Poison and gave Punk difficulties, due to the minimal playtesting people have done competitively against the character. In the end, Punk managed to win with his Karen and moved onto Losers bracket finals in a rematch with NuckleDu.

At ECT, we saw the two in finals as Punk used G against NuckleDu’s G, resulting in a win for Punk. This time, we saw the same thing as Punk took G the whole way to defeat NuckleDu’s G and Guile. From ChunLi and G, to his main, Karen; Punk proved today that he is ready for any matchup and managed to beat Luffy in a rematch after Luffy was 1 game win from claiming the tournament victory.

The biggest character comps in this tourney consisted of Rashid’s in Top 8 and grapplers like Mika, Laura and Abigail. Luffy, iDom, Fuudo and ItabashiZangief all made Top 8 with the grapplers they main; with Fuudo and Luffy representing R. Mika as their tournament mains.

Other characters we saw consisted of rushdown styles from a few Rashids, and we saw some Guile play from Daigo and NuckleDu in the tourney.

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