Ghost Spider 3: This isn’t Gwen Stacy

With a surge in popularity from both the Spider-verse storyline and film, Spider Gwen got her own storyline and a new name, Ghost Spider. Unfortunately, those aren’t enough to keep the series enjoyable.

Writing the character like a 90’s kid with her quips to an older Peter Parker, Seanan McGuire’s Gwen Stacy is a very different personality compared to what we saw in the film or read in her older solo books. This version is a more sarcastic and joke cracking, Peter Parker-like version. In the series, Peter Parker is now older and works for a College that he helps Gwen get into. Since we have Gwen as a younger student. McGuire writes her as a comedy for the series. The change in personality along with some dated jokes makes for a less enjoyable series.

One area where McGuire does shine, is spending a decent time on the villains and building up to some kind of encounter with Gwen. In this case, we see Jackal providing serums to two different people to hunt down Gwen and do reconnaissance. While the way it’s written and the villain aren’t made as exciting as I’m used to in comic book series, there is at least some story progression in each chapter.

Another highlight to the series is the art and colors. Takeshi Miyazawa does a good job with the drawing of the characters with the unique style used throughout the series. There is a identifying factor that makes it different from traditional fare in a lot of the X-Men and DC runs of comics, in terms of art. Seeing Gwen’s Spider suit in panels as it is placed on her from the spiders that make it up to the bleeding into other panels with some scenes of he Jackals after Gwen, both are more exciting than the large focus of Gwen’s school life and school setting for the large portion of the series.

Overall, the series is a below average read with some good aspects of it, but nothing large to keep me excited or wanting to read more. I decided to give it a try similar to the unspoken anime rule of, If after 3 episodes you aren’t engaged, drop it. Having read 3 chapters now in this newer series, it’s safe to say, I can drop it. McGuire’s writing doesn’t excite or entertain me as much as I’d hope with a character like Gwen Stacy. instead we get a peter parker behavior from Gwen, Villains who are more-so boring to follow around, and we get the art as the only major highlight. This series didn’t have enough.

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