Marauders #1:

Splitting off from the House of X and Powers of X runs, Marauders features X-Men as they travel the world to free mutants and get them to Krakoa.

After getting recruited by Emma Frost, Kitty Pride assembles a crew to liberate mutants from various countries through violent means. When the team travels to Russia, Kitty uses her powers to drop a grenade in a tank and stick a gun inside two soldiers legs through her phase powers. The violent means that the X-Men went through to liberate mutants in this first issue was different from previous iterations of X-Men series.

In older issues, the team would capture enemies and save the day in typical hero fashion; instead we have a team that enjoys killing the maiming the villains. This felt very different from other series as Hickman’s run had Cyclops and others beat the villains, but the team didn’t graphically phase a gun so it was stuck inside the legs of two enemies. Showing that in the comic run gave me the impression that the Marauders were also a team of villains to some extent, as their methods were both unorthodox and excessive.

Seeing the X-Men assemble a crew and kill enemies instead of beating them up to save the day was surprising. The violent nature of the crime fighting in this series had subverted my expectations and I’m unsure of if it was for the better. Compared to Batman series, we see Batman beat up enemies to a bloody pulp sometimes, but never kill. Marvel on the other hand, used to be less graphic and more family friendly in nature with a number of there series. Seeing the darker side of X-Men felt weird to me, but I’ll still consider reading more into the series to see if it gets better.

An aspect that was better than the characters was the art and coloring. Matteo Lolli and Frederico Blee did a great job at bringing the characters to life, and even with graphic scenes, they could enhance them through their designs and colors. From Kitty getting drunk on Krakoa to the comedy scenes with Iceman; both brought emotion and depth through shading and facial expression throughout the book.

Overall, I would continue this series and give it a try, because it could get better but for now it is in a grey area for me when I see the X-Men killing people and getting enjoyment from it, especially in Kitty Pride’s case.

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