New Batman in Batman Beyond #37

Resulting in the addition of a new Batman, issue 37 was a slower paced introductory issue for the new arc. In this chapter, we see the batsuit get stolen and spend our time searching Gotham to find who did it, all while a Joker follower holds citizens hostage.

The Story

As a chapter focused on introducing a new character and leaving the reader in suspense, Dan Jurgens did a good job of setting the stage after Terry McGinnis lost his memories. Instead we see Terry stealing food while a new bat vigilante saves Gotham. Since this chapter focused on the mystery and a little on Terry’s whereabouts, we saw little development overall. Jurgens focused more on people reporting on the new Bat and those being saved that it left the reader needing more chapters to get a larger picture.

Whereas the writing by Jurgen could be taken as important to getting readers to get the next in the series, at times the story felt like I didn’t get enough information to leave me hooked. Instead it left me wanting more pages in this initial issue to leave on a bigger cliffhanger than finding out the new Bat is a woman.

The Art

Accompanying the story, Sean Chen drew the pages and created a decent world. The pages had one full page spread of Batwoman, as everyone finds out that it isn’t Terry, but the rest of the pages felt somewhat lacking in action. A lot of the poses and places were more flat than anything. We had a few action shots at angles against the background, but the overall imagery wasn’t as exciting as pages I’ve seen before. We didn’t get the Blue Beetle battling Batman and Superman in Batman Superman #3. Instead, Chen gives us average pages and panels with good art but average action scenes. I wish there was more to the designs of some of these pages, but other than Chen’s choices in designing the story, we got a decent introductory chapter.

Overall, I’d say that last weeks issue of Batman Beyond is a worthwhile pick-up, especially if you’re a fan of female heroes in comics. This new arc is sure to have another good Batwoman adaptation as we see a different futures version of Batwoman compared to the Kate Kane version in Bruce Wayne’s modern universe.

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