DC’s new Bonny & Clyde in Detective Comics #1014

In last weeks arc by Peter Tomasi, we saw the rise of a new villain as Mr. Freeze revives Nora and turns her into his accomplice.

This latest addition to a storyline that saw aid from Lex Luthor in JLA, brings us to more villains getting powered up across the DC storylines. Justice League Dark saw the rise of Circe in Wonder Woman’s Body; Catwoman learned of the Lazarus Pit; and Batman & The Outsiders saw Ghul getting Drake. Every villainous storyline up to now has had ties to Snyder’s current run on Justice League and as we await for the conclusion of Snyder’s run at Chapter 39, each series begins to show our heroes in states of hopelessness.

In previous issues, we saw Freeze go after women like Nora to see if the serum Luthor helped with would work. In turn, Batman saved the women, only to have Freeze test it on his wife and cure her, but in the process, she became the same as him.

The Art

Doug Mahnke’s art and David Barron’s colors were great in this issue. When the Freeze’s break into wayne tower, the full page spread was amazing.

Another great scene depiction was the flashback to Nora and Friese before he froze her. the placement of the panels and each scene depicted was both important and a unique insert.

My overall enjoyment from the pacing in the story and how the art and panels were placed, made for a great addition to the current arc. While Ms. Freeze’s suit is just a female variant of Mr. Freeze and the two look almost identical, I do appreciate progressing the Freeze storyline and adding a new villain to the Batman Rogues Gallery. This issue was fun to read and see if and how Freeze saves his wife. The final parts of the chapter also made for a great cliffhanger as it alludes to the impact the next Justice League chapter will have across DC stories.

If you haven’t started this series yet, I’d pick up chapters 1008-1014. This is getting to be a strong arc and was a worthwhile addition to my comic collection.

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