King Arthur storyline a weak start

Spawning from Hickman’s X-Men run; Marvel introduces a story in King Arthur’s realm as Gambit, Apocalypse, Psylocke and Jubilee fight Morgan Le Faye.

As Psylocke leaves for Krakoa, we get a few pages of goodbye from her family, a sequence used to give Psylocke more personality. Unfortunately, some of the characters and interactions in this issue felt like dumb jokes; from the Eat, Pray, Love reference to Apocalypse wanting his name changed, I found it all to be unfunny and not my kind of humor.

Another moment that surprised me was when Psylocke becomes aggravated with her brother Jamie and resorts to forcing him to go back to his brother, Brian, and let him know he’s ok. When this scene happened, I thought it was rather abusive having Psylocke use her powers to get a brother, who is joking around, to do something. I know working with people like that can be difficult, but instead the author decided to depict Psylocke abusing her powers for the sake of others while hurting people in the process. Seeing that happen made me question the circumstances and authors choices with writing some of the characters.

As an element to progress the story, we have a portal in Krakoa that is sealed but leads to Camelot, resulting in the conflict with morigan. Apocalypse, being onsessed with learning where it leads, recruits Rogue and Gambit among others. When he finds out that Psylocke had already found a way into the realm that the portal leads to, he recruits Jubilee, because she last talked to Psylocke. Jubilee’s conversation with Psylocke though, was just asking if she wanted a drink. This felt like a forced addition to the team. Just because a character asked a question, they are now an important member of the team.

Other than a lackluster storyline, Excalibur delivered average art pages with unexciting scenes. Watching Psylocke fold laundry or showing a lot of standing around talking is not exciting to watch. This issue is easily the weakest in the new line of X-Men stories that spawned from the creation of Krakoa.

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