Zombies in space, with return of Marvel series

Just in time for the Halloween festivities, Marvel introduced a new addition to an older series with Marvel Zombies Resurrection.

In the new series, we see Galactus has fallen in space and everyone in the Marvel universe travels to retrieve the body before someone else gets there hands on Galactus and his tech. Unfortunately, the villain of the series had already turned the space members of the marvel universe; Captain Marvel, Groot and more.

Phillip Kennedy Johnson delivered both a fun, new installment as well as an action-lacking, dialogue-heavy first issue. In the first few pages, Johson did a good job of setting the stage as to why the large team would head to space.

Another good aspect of the writing was seeing who stayed behind for the chapters to follow. Watching Spider-man along with those who stayed behind fight their zombified friends will be a fun issue.

As the series works towards a larger scale fight and zombie apocalypse, I look forward to more art from Leonard Kirk.

Kirk’s zombie designs looked normal but well proportioned and traditional. His art isn’t like the classical comic art style you see from people like Catwoman’s Author/Artist. I enjoyed the design and style by Kirk throughout the chapter.

The overall presentation of the issue with the colors and panels was nothing special. While character designs and storyline were both fantastic, this issue was held back by lack of action during zombie sequences and relying heavily on large amounts of dialogue.

As a first issue, this series is a good starting point in what could end up being a strong Marvel storyline, however, with its lack of zombie fights and heavy dialogue to set the scene; this is an issue I’d hold off on getting until the next chapter.

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