Return of Starfire arc in latest Titans

With the end of the Slade arc after last weeks episode, Titan’s returned to the Starfire storyline they featured in the first two episodes.

As Dick comes clean about his past history with Jericho, we see teammates pair up as one by one they leave Titans Tower due to Dick’s past. This results in allowing for multiple storylines to be returned to and developed more, while some characters are forgotten for the rest of the episode.

Titans first focuses on the teams and we see Raven leave with Donna, only for Raven to leave the car they’re in and the audience getting no other information.

Next they have Jason and Ravager leave together, only to have them forgotten the rest of the episode.

Instead, we get a focus on Starfire’s return to Tamaran, Dick apologizing for Jericho, Garth teaming up with Superboy, and Hawk and Dove returning to a normal life.

After Dick apologizes to Deathstroke, we see him try and leave the country, only to decide to get locked up. this sequence will most likely escalate his evolution into Nightwing. Being in solitary for assaulting multiple officers should give him time to do more self reflecting. His decision to do so was also made clear by Deathstroke as the villain made it clear that his mission was accomplished when the team disbanded.

Another storyline we got was Superboy waking up with Garth being the only Titan left and the two play games, until Superboy goes too far and assaults cops as well. Unfortunately, the special effects for Superboys powers during this scene were on par with CW. I’d expect better quality with the things they’ve done with Doom Patrol and Negative Man’s character, but instead we see obvious CGI as he uses his eyes to blow up cop cars. CGI aside though, we did get good development for his character, as his assaulting cops was related to PTSD he has for when he was surrounded in Luthor’s home and recaptured in episode 6. The flashbacks will add to how he goes about being a hero, since the whole instance started when Garth tried to teach him about the customs and cultures in the city.

After Superboy’s storyline, we get to see Hawk and Dove try to make it in a new home, but the two return to the same city where they got someone killed by Dr. Light. While the two enjoy a karaoke night, they are met outside by the sister of the kid that was killed by Light at the beginning of the season. This results in doubts by Hawk and the two end up separated by the end of their brief arc in this episode.

Having what will be the most important storyline going forward, Starfire received a message from the guardian who had retrieved her in the first episode. After she had left him for 6 episodes in the show, we get a return to the storyline of Blackfire on Tamaran, and news of a fight to be had between the sisters. This will be a huge development for the series if they end up acting on it in the last four episodes, as this has been a huge storyline in the comics and is one of the most important story arcs for Starfire. Watching Starfire best her sister with the help of her friends is going to both solidify her power and rule, as well as save her people from Blackfire’s reign.

Overall, this latest episode decided to focus on multiple smaller stories, while leaving some characters behind. My biggest issue with the series however, is the lack of Raven throughout the episodes. Instead we get a large focus on Dick and Starfire this go round as the rest of the cast is sidelined to smaller parts. I’m uncertain if the decision to do so was due to Raven being the main focus of season 1, but the lack of some newer characters roles within the series is unfortunate. We got introduced to Ravager early and yet she has done nothing since to seek out Slade or develop her character. Superboy got introduced halfway in the season, and yet he has been sleeping most episodes after.

Introducing new characters, only to then take most focus away from them as the series progresses seems like a poor story decision. We’re watching Deathstroke be the main bad and Dick’s past transgression return, but at this point, Why have Dr. Light go after Hawk and Dove when they do nothing for the team this season? Why focus on Starfire’s storyline in the beginning, only to have her return to it 6 episodes later? Why have Ravager get introduced and focus on killing her dad, only to forget about it the rest of the season as she stays in the tower the whole time?

While the episode as a whole was enjoyable, this season has had a bad habit of introducing multiple elements and then forgetting about them until they become convenient again. I’m uncertain as to why they have made the writing decisions they did with having certain characters get introduced or involved when they added nothing the rest of the season so far, but maybe we get more from Ravager, Hawk, Dove, Raven and Donna as the season progresses. Otherwise, the show will still have multiple loose ends, and introduced multiple characters who had no reason to be added to this season.

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