DC’s new fantasy epic: The Last God doesn’t disappoint

In a story about plant like deities with the ability to turn flesh into plant human hybrids, The Last God tells the story of a slave in the gladiator arena as he fights alongside people known as Godslayers, to kill The Last God.

In this world the plant like “Gods,” remind me of Eldrazi in the game Magic the Gathering. Eldritch, Lovecraftian horror type deities that can corrupt the things they touch and turn them in a being like themselves. This results in the heroes fighting a monster that can rearrange their makeup by touching them and tear them apart into a plant zombie being.

The world building, while minimal, was enough to set the stage for the different realms of people in the world as well as who the antagonist is. When society believes that King Tyr killed the last god, they rename a city in his honor, only for a prophecy to come to fruition. In the prophecy, it tells of King Tyr and “Until the day you see your sins made flesh, their true crown hidden by a false one of gold.” this sequence alludes to the ending and how Tyr is not who or what he says he is.

When the slave, Valko, gains his freedom, the prophecy becomes fulfilled, resulting in the birth of the final god; the last boss monster. With the number of Godslayers and characters they introduced early to set p the world, it’ll be nice to see who else gets involved with the series as the world building and premise continues. The series premise and especially it’s monsters, makes for a fun story. Seeing that Tyr was himself human for a time and then his physiology changed, makes me wonder if that’s something we can expect more of down the line.

Will these monsters be able to take human or animal form that is convincing enough before they turn into eldritch horror beings? Will Kennedy introduce us to more realms in the coming chapters? I’m curious to see where this series goes and looking forward to hearing more about it down the line. I would definitely pick this up.

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