Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC is Coming, and Here’s What to Expect

Fire Emblem Three Houses has been out for a while now, and it’s certainly still going strong, but now, it’s only going to get stronger. With the DLC of Three Houses so far, we’ve gotten things like Maddening difficulty, sportswear, and the bonus to renown, etc. So far, this DLC has been split into waves. We received Wave 1 on schedule, but when there was a severe bug, Intelligent Systems patched it, and gave us Wave 2 Early. Upcoming, we have Waves 3 and 4, but what actually are we getting with them? Thanks to a Famitsu guide, we have coverage of what to expect.

As we received Wave 2 early, we may also see Wave 3 earlier than its due date, which has been noted as “By December 31, 2019.” But what is it giving us? Wave 3 is in two parts, free and paid DLC. First and foremost, the Free DLC is offering some very enticing content. Starting off strong, Jeritza, the Death Knight himself, is going to be playable in a certain route[s] of the story. In addition, we’ll be getting new Supports, likely featuring Jeritza. Famitsu has also stated that we’ll be receiving new activities, and even online features.

This is all well and good, more than we’ve gotten in Waves 1 and 2, debatably, but the paid DLC really shines in what it gives. First and foremost, the redhead merchant herself, Anna, is going to be playable. Of course, she’ll also be getting her own supports. For those who don’t know, Anna is a popular recurring character throughout the entire franchise. Her and her many identical sisters… Also named Anna. In the past, Anna has been playable twice, in Awakening and Fates, and in both occurrences, the different Annas were in classes based around thievery, and classes that were able to fairly adeptly work with magical and physical attacks and abilities.

Garreg Mach has a lot of open space, and coming up with the paid DLC, we have new facilities. These haven’t been disclosed, but, this is only the start. We’re getting even more new online content, exclusive to paid DLC, and even a Paralogue with Anna and Jeritza. We’re getting around ten new quests as well, so, even more to do. But of course, we have something in Wave 3 that we’ve all been waiting for… We get to play with the dogs and cats! These are a part of some new activities exclusive to the paid DLC, the other notable activity being that we finally get access to the Sauna. Spicy~ Lastly, what JRPG is complete without Maids and Butlers?! We’ll be getting both Maid and Butler Battalions, and costumes!

Wave 4 is much further off than Wave 3, noted as “by April 30, 2020.” It’s also exclusively paid DLC. First and foremost, did you think Maddening Mode was hard? Then get ready for Abyss Mode. It’s not necessarily Abyssal difficulty, with what we have so far, but we do have information that it is linked to a new side story. Perhaps this side story will focus on Those Who Slither in the Dark, names considered. But that’s just the start, we’re getting more characters.  Four of them. These characters are currently translated as Juris, Balthazar, Constanze, and Javi. They’re coming with even more support conversations, and paralogues, of course. But that’s far from the end. 

We’re getting even more Monastery facilities, online features, quests, battalions and gambits! They’re really packing it on with the DLC, but that’s not even the end. Famitsu has also revealed that we’re getting new enemy monsters, and that’s great and all, but certainly not the highlight. Byleth and Sothis have been around since the very beginning, and now, they’re getting costumes. Allegedly, this means playable Sothis, though, there has also been evidence of playable Rhea and Jeralt. It has been theorized that the four new characters are going to have crests of their own, and perhaps Anna and Jeritza as well. This is highly supported by the lovely little detail that we’re getting new Hero’s Relics in Three Houses, likely being the goal of these new paralogues. Last, but certainly not least, we have four new classes for promotion. I’ll save speculation as to what they could be for another time, but this is all the DLC we’ll be getting, at least that we know about. As more details come to light, more content will be updated to Rekka, stay tuned for what comes next.

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