Alyssa Wong breathes life into Crescent & Io origin

Debuting in their feature length origin story, Crescent & Io depicts a 10-year old Korean girl named Dan Bi.

Alyssa Wong writes from experience to tell the story of Io, as her life changes from a chance encounter.

As a child, Io lived with her mom and dad, until one day her mom leaves due to her dad’s work as an antiques collector. After she leaves, Io’s Dad works later nights, only to reveal that he works in the Black Market dealing special antiques.

When Io stumbles upon a mask, she forms a bond with Crescent by wearing the mask. Together, the two fight crime in search of her missing father, only to end up recruited by the Agents of Atlas.

Wong writes the scenes masterfully for an origin story that establishes a strong setting for future series with Io. Despite a majority of the series delving into minor details of Korean culture, the series establishes a great addition for another diverse character that Marvel can add to future movies and shows.

Luna Snow, Crescent & Io, and more join the ranks of Marvel’s new initiative to introduce an Asian avengers team.

Jon Lam’s art in this issue is also enjoyable, as he depicts multiple moments of Dan Bi using her martial arts to fend off enemies. The dynamic action scenes with Io fighting alongside Atlas makes for enjoyable moments. While Marvel has struggled in the past to add diverse characters with engaging backstories, they have done an amazing job with Alyssa Wong’s writing of the various members of Atlas.

I enjoyed this issue more than I expected and look forward to more work among the Agents of Atlas line of origin stories coming from Wong and Marvel alike. I would pick up this series if you’ve yet to.

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