Oresuki; A Story about Friendship before Love

Despite the overall story being a harem, I think it is important to elaborate on why this series has maintained its position within the top 10 anime of this season. With the latest episode just released, the second arc of the series has come to a close with spectacular advancement in each character’s development.

Episode 6, “When I Need to Say Something, I’ll Say It”, is a fantastic conclusion to the Flower Dance arc that originally felt like it would play out as a typical harem plot. We last left off with Kisaragi being handpicked as the male participant in the the Flower Dance, their school’s yearly tradition where one man would dance with three different girls. The plot alone screams harem trope framework but the arc then took a turn with the school’s journalist, Asunaro, looking to write an article that would expose him as a scumbag that was dating three different girls at the same time.


It is revealed at the end of the arc why she had these intentions to begin with and that everything was going according to her plans. That is, until she is exposed. It is during this crucial moment were the truth is revealed and typically in these scenarios someone would only think of themselves. Asunaro had an obsession over Kisaragi and when that comes out, typically we would see him monologue to himself about how he enjoys women gawking over him. Instead, Kisaragi puts his friends first and calls her out on her actions that isolated him from his friends. The focus shifts from him to those around him as he puts her in his perspective to understand how her actions hurt those close to him.

This entire scene is packed with emotion and character development as we see Cosmos move past her obsession towards Kisaragi and act as a true friend. Asunaro becomes aware of her wrongdoing and we will see how her development unfolds with the rest of the show. Kisaragi proves once again that while he may have a sleazy side, his true self is that of a selfless person that puts friendship before romance.

This is further elaborated with Sun and Hinata’s moments later in the episode were we see her move past her feelings and Sun become accepting of his friend and no longer envious of him. The episode then ends with Sanshokuin and Kisaragi having a heart-to-heart and putting aside their bantering nature to reveal that Kisaragi’s entire intention was for her to make friends with Cosmos, Sun and Hinata instead of just him.

The execution of this development is spectacular but also feels slightly rushed. If you want to experience these moments with a lot of build-up behind them then I would strong recommend giving the manga a read. Overall, this series sends a positive message for a harem/comedy to put friendship before a relationship that could ruin them.

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