Black Cat #6: Heist before the storm

Marvel’s most fun series to date; Black Cat gives us a calm before the largest plot development in the series. Odessa Drake makes her first major appearance, as she sends ninjas after Fox, Felicia’s mentor.

In an average issue, Jed MacKay writes parallels as he focuses on Fox and Cat back to back. As Felicia gets ready for a date with a mercenary, Fox fights for his life against assassins. This issues story was a fun read, and even more fun to watch. Michael Dowling’s art for the scenes with Fox, brought a great element of action to parallel with the quieter moments of Black Cat as she dates, heists and sleeps with her date. This parallel was an appeal to comedy as it shows something peaceful, while something less peaceful is going on. Two contradicting situations, leading up to one phone call.

As an overall issue, Dowling was the biggest highlight to me. Watching ninjas break through the window and fox fight in a smokescreen; both scenes fun to see on paper. Another great piece was the car chase, resulting in crashing it along with a few ninjas. Dowling created average situations through his art, but when paralleled with the fun night Felicia had, we got to see a bigger picture that blended well together as a solid issue.

While no major heists happened, reading MacKay’s work is worthwhile, when the author dedicates time to making scenes fun and lighthearted, compared to some of the heavier content we get from the Absolute Carnage line from Donny Cates.

As a feel good series that is getting into a bigger plotline, Black Cat is my favorite guilty pleasure series at Marvel right now, and even though this was an average issue, it still shined bright with the larger story we’re seeing from MacKay.

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