DC’s Justice League hints at future dark universes in latest issue

Scott Snyder continues to write consistently in his run on DC’s Justice League. In the latest issue, in typical world shaping fashion, Snyder introduces potential worlds ruled by doom and the destruction of the Gotham by Gaslight universe.

Resulting in the defeat of Starman after the latest issue, Perpetua crown’s Luthor as her new General to destroy universes and force compliance. This results in Perpetua attacking the world created from Gotham by Gaslight, the Victorian steampunk universe.

With the fate of worlds hanging in the balance, we see the timelines start to merge across DC series, as each series has showcased Perpetua’s symbol in their most recent issues.

Snyder’s ability to keep a story engaging and filled with action, all while juggling a larger cast of characters is a well honed skill of his. We saw Snyder do this with No Justice and Dark Knight Metal, and now modern DC’s most prolific writer has continued to add more to shape the universe for the upcoming line of 5G comics.

With a strong story focus on Perpetua and the fall of Starman, Snyder introduces the start of what Perpetua’s ultimate plan will entail. We also see that there are new Doom world’s that will be created or transformed from Luthor’s influence as her general.

Having the League in shambles, there are many new developments and paths Snyder can take as he undoubtedly creates more canonical worlds and characters to change the DC landscape.

Recently, Snyder announced that his run on Justice League will end after issue 39, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he has planned for the last four issues. I hope there will be more Doom universes and storylines made, potentially in the Black Label category, to enhance the DC experience.

Also Snyder’s introduction of plans by He Who Laughs earlier in the run, leads me to believe that the end result of Perpetua’s downfall could involve him. Since the League has failed and He Who Laughs is in the wind, we could see him defeat Perpetua to take over the world and shape it in his own image. This would shape the DC series In a way that would also align with Tynion IV’s announced run on Batman, along with the darker tone he looks to set.

If you’re behind on catching up on this series, I suggest getting caught up, because Snyder’s past work shows that he is known to pull some massive storylines to shape DC and this series looks to add a whole lot more.

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