Titans: Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing in latest episode

After his arrest for assaulting officers, Dick Grayson is seen in prison, where he looks to isolate himself; unfortunately he gets caught up with a guard wanting a promotion and a Mexican gang looking to escape. As Dick’s story progresses, we see the first image of Nightwings symbol, when an inmate mentions a bird in the night whol will rescue them. By the end of the episode, we see Dick become that bird to help them escape, and the series brings him one step closer to becoming Nightwing.

Another character development this episode involved Raven’s escape from Donna and ending up at a soup kitchen. Raven befriends and rescues a girl from abuse, only to use her powers; resulting in a piece of her power escaping and killing the assaulter.

The last characters we rejoin in this episode was Garth and Connor, as the two get attacked by Mercy Graves, resulting in the two being detained by Cadmus and Lexcorp.

Compared to last weeks focus on Hawk, Dick, Garth and Kori; it’s nice to see more development for whatever the plot point they’re trying to make with Raven. In recent years, Raven has been depicted as being able to have her powers manifest themselves into a being, sometimes at night, and the powers hurt both her and others when manifested. If the writers decision to have her powers split from her person is to build into that plot point, it’ll be cool to see raven have her cloak and separate power entity within the Titans universe.

While Raven rescued the girls, Garth and Connor got attacked and captured by Lexcorp, and by the end, we see a mention of getting the team back together. When Garth talks to Mercy, he mentions getting the Titans back and Mercy approves of it. If the teammates are going to be captured and experimented on by Lexcorp, that would be a decent plot development, but the series has also introduced that Starfire has to fight Blackfire and Deathstroke could still be a threat. Each of these plotlines need to be explored more and wrapped up nicely by the end of the season or until we leave one plotline left. Having a new Raven growth arc, Dick becoming Nightwing, Kori Fighting her sister, Hawk and Dove’s falling out, and Garth trying to reunite the team; all of these have yet to be resolved and I’m uncertain if the series will address enough of these plot elements before the end.

Another big issue is the lack of Jason Todd and Ravager. They have now been left out of two episodes with no context as to what they’re up to. We saw earlier in the season that the two had feelings for each other and left the tower together. After this, we have had no new developments between the two. Are they going to meet with Deathstroke? Will they head to Bruce Wayne? Are they going to train together somewhere secret?

With multiple different plots at once, resulting from Dick’s confession; Titans has failed to balance everything within the last few episodes. Hopefully we see something come up to tie everything up, but at the current rate, we are seeing fewer and fewer reasons for team members to rejoin, when they themselves haven’t solved their own internal issues.

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