X-Force kills off major character in strong first issue

In the fourth series to come out of Powers of X and House of X, Benjamen Percy gives us a look into the new X-Force team as Domino fights a government group set on destroying mutants, while Krakoa deals with a hit squad sent by an unknown party.

Percy wrote this issue with enough detail and action to make for an engaging story, and allows the reader to have enough world building to understand what is going on.

Percy gives the audience a look at Domino and her powers as she attempts to take down a group of people set on destroying mutant kind. Then Percy delves into life on Krakoa with Jean Grey tending to the injured, while Beast and Wolverine hunt. He also throws in a cameo to the Marauders series by having the team return with black market goods and Colossus, who was saved from Russia. Using the Russia as a means to introduce Colossus, after the Marauders liberated Russia in their first issue, was a fitting decision by Percy.

Among the other cast of characters, we get to see the first introduction of Xavier in the new line of X-Men comics as he works to maintain peace with other nations, unfortunately, an unknown group sends a hit squad after those living in Krakoa.

Percy’s overall pacing and storytelling was well conceived in this issue, and the art and colors only heightened it. By far the greatest thing in this issue was the art and colors. Compared to the other line of X-Men comics with more modern art and color choices, Josh Cassara and Dean White brought something newer to the table.

Cassara’s art gave us a more animalistic looking depiction of Wolverine as well as a more vibrant and earthy Krakoa compared to the more fantastical nature depicted in the other series.

Accompanying Cassara’s art, Dean White gives a myriad of colors that fel like oils were used to create the compostion in a lot of the panels. Each image had a blend of colors that sometimes swirled together, something you can see in the masks of the unknown anti mutant group.

Another feature in the colors is how the island becomes a multi-faceted world of color. In previous series, we see what’s brown or pink or purple and they are varying shades of each, but White does different. Instead, White delivers pages where colors pop, like Jean Grey’s flight in a purple hue that offsets the darker background. Each choice by white to accentuate Cassara’s work was perfect. From the writing to the art and colors, X-Force is so far the strongest run of the new line of X-Men comics. I look forward to seeing what Fallen Angels delivers next time.

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