Fallen Angels: A dark and enthralling new series

In the last of the new line of X-Men series, Bryan Hill tells the story of a new team of X-Men seeking vengeance and redemption.

Hill’s first issue features Psylocke, as she consults Magneto and Sinister about a vision she had involving an unknown villain named Apoth. Her journey then takes to Japan, where she seeks out information, only to find a barn with kidnapped children who have been subjected to a drug by Apoth.

Compared to the other recent series in the new X-Men line-up, this series has some of the best writing. Hill’s ability to make an engaging story through Psylocke finding herself and helping other mutants, X-23 and Cable, shines in this first issue.

When I saw that Hill was the writer for this series, what surprised me most was that the writing was better in a number of ways compared to his current run with Batman and the Outsiders. In Fallen Angels, we have a team looking for redemption and vengeance in some capacity, and we see a new Psylocke take on the role of a mentor to help the younger mutants. With a more hands on approach, compared to the lack of Batman and the separation of the older members in Outsiders, we see Hill write an overall stronger storyline.

Another aspect of Hill’s writing that shined in this issue was giving us flashbacks into Psylocke’s past, the butterfly motif on her neck and using that as an analogy for X-23 and Cable, when Psylocke announces her training the members until they bloom into butterflies.

Compared to the tonal qualities of some of the other current runs from Hickman and others, This is by far one of the strongest X-Men comics at Marvel right now and I can’t wait to see what else Hill writes in the future for this series. He has set the groundwork for a stronger series than Batman and the Outsiders and the emotion from this current team composition looks to set up a new team that would be fun to see adapted into a show or film.

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