Younger members of Outsiders shine in #7

Bryan Hill’s Outsiders returned this week, ending with a tie in to Snyder’s Justice League run. Throughout this chapter, Hill gets around to giving Orphan her time to shine along with the return of Batman and a moment of weakness for Black Lightning and Katana.

During the Orphan scenes, we see her getting aid from Batman in chasing down Signal. The chase results in some cool motorcycle sequences drawn by Cian Tormey. Upon reaching the getaway van, Signal is met with Ishmael in a fight that results from her powering up by removing her mask. This sequence was one of the weaker parts of the issue, due to the previous chapter showcasing Orphan losing to Lady Shiva, but when she removes her mask, she can beat Ishmael? That’s an anti-climactic way to improve. I was hoping Hill would develop Orphan more by having her train or learn something newer to compete with Shiva and Ishmael.

Instead, Hill delivers a lackluster solution to allow Orphan to have a fighting chance.

Meanwhile, Black Lightning and Katana are on their way back to Gotham with Babylon secured, only to have Babylon break out and one of their own betray them. This results in a gun to Lightning’s head and the plane headed straight to crash into a Gotham skyscraper.

Each element of this issue to ring in the new arc was enjoyable, though some of the solutions and added elements weren’t as impactful with their reveal. Instead, we got a better than average comic that wasn’t as strong as Hill’s writing was in Fallen Angels.

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