Catwoman 17 devotes itself to Catwoman’s past

In the latest issue, Jones gives more recap to the events at the Lazarus Pit and Luthor’s involvement in aiding Catwoman.

From a rolled piece of parchment to Catwoman debating her loyalties, we are given pages of flashbacks ranging from her 1940’s outfit to her wedding arc with Batman. Each part of this sequence is used t reflect upon her past and decision to take Luthor up on his offer, which would give her a means to beat the Creel family.

Towards the end of this arc, we are left with no answers as to whether she did accept Luthor’s offer, or if she threw away the rolled parchment she received. What Jones gives the audience is the introduction of Catwoman meeting with Zatanna.

Having the thief and mage meet up could introduce us to a form of Magic that Creel possesses in some capacity, that Selena could take advantage of with Zatanna’s help. While minimal info is given, past interactions with the mage has always led to magic solutions and magical villains within someone else’s story. When Batman or Wonder Woman encounter something mystical and need help, DC always relies on bringing Zatanna or Constantine into the storyline. Since we are now seeing this happen to Catwoman, it explains that maybe there is magic in the parchment that Luthor gave her or it led Catwoman to needing Zatanna’s help.

Another exterior plot development is that this story is not linked to Tynion IV’s Justice League Dark storyline. While we have seen some character cameos before, Justice League Dark has Zatanna in a different outfit compared to the classic one we are seeing in Catwoman. We are also saw in the Justice League storyline that Luthor can traverse dimensions in his current form and that the symbol has appeared across timelines. This leads me to believe that, unlike some series that are connected to the same universe, this can’t be entirely the same unless it takes place before or after Justice League Dark, or in another universe.

I’m uncertain of where the story will turn to next as we get the continuing conflict, but this latest issue, while adding little more detail, did provide more to the story than issue 16. Having Zatanna at the forefront now to support Catwoman’s endeavors, the conclusion to this arc looks like it’ll be a very entertaining issue.

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