Far Sector creates strong story with new Green Lantern

With a story from new comic writer and YA Novelist, N.K. Jemisin, Far Sector introduces us to the world of The City Enduring.

Jemisin delivers a story that involves a compelling murder mystery and world building, along with brief talk comparing WWII and colonizing to the 2016 election, through means of dividing and conquering; as well as, space based racial slurs that set up the world and how different races treat each other in her universe.

This series art by Jamal Campbell, along with the coloring, brings together a beautiful style and composition filled with a noir feel. Through a large amount of the dialogue by Jemisin, we see a noir stylized story about civilians getting murdered and eaten, while a council of races and the sole Green Lantern seek to find the murderer.

This story was well composed and enjoyable for a large portion of it, and the decision for the new hero to barely use her powers in the first issue, felt like a means to separate heroes from relying on their powers. Instead we are given a lantern who decides to fly in a cop car instead of using her ring, because she feels like it. We also see that while she was gifted the ring, it was only given to her for a period of time and those on the council allowed her to watch over this city.

This newer iteration on Green Lanterns can go either way; either you will love her as a character, or you’ll find some of her decisions out of place within the Lantern Universe. Regardless, the gifting of the ring might play a role at a later date in the series and we may also see more use of her powers as the series progresses and she has to hunt down the escaped suspect.

While it brought an intriguing story, my biggest issue with the series was that we had to get a new Green Lantern to do it. DC has already created Teen Lantern, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Kyle Rayner and Simon Baz. Instead, we see an author given a new series that she felt needed another lantern to be a part of it. If the character had been a blue lantern or another race or hero in some capacity, I’d have been more for it, but we got another Green Lantern instead who has barely done anything that the Lanterns do.

Overall, this series is highly enjoyable and well written, though I disliked the incorporation of some political comments in the series, Jemisin didn’t stay on that topic long enough to make it a larger concern. Instead, we are given a fun mystery that hopefully improves upon its weaker elements in the coming issues.

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