New Recurring DC Villain in Detective Comics 1015?

Having made Nora Fries a new villain, we start to see her loyalties shift when she and Victor have different ideas about what they want.

In Tomasi’s latest chapter, we get more sold storytelling, along with the beginning of a new arc. As Victor’s wife decides to continue a life of evil, Victor must team up with Batman to stop her and attempt to get Nora back to her old ways, for Victor and the cities sake.

As a ballet dancer, and now with her being the same as Victor, I’m hoping that they don’t cure Nora and keep her as a villain. There’s a lot that DC and Tomasi can do with her newfound identity. Watching her robbing places with Victor in a full page panel and the way she was singing and dancing while freezing her parents tombstones… This new route they are taking the Fries family is going to be fun. I’m uncertain if they’ll be making her a new kind of Harley Quinn or if she’ll be her own personality with a different breadth of knowledge compared to Victor. With Victor trying to stop being a villain, due to her back, he’ll resort to old ways if the solution is to refreeze her.

Since Tomasi did make her into a new villain though, I hope this isn’t the case. DC introducing more villains will help with newer stories, since they’ll have more recent heroes and villains to pull from, Naomi and Ms. Freeze. I see this new arc as being something that Tomasi needs to pull off well enough to make another staple villain in the Batman universe.

From beginning to end, this issue was enjoyable and saw the development of cures to Freeze’s cold gun, and now that we’re getting a team-up in the next issue, I hope that Tomasi continues his consistently good run on Detective Comics and makes another strong arc.

If you’re not reading this series, pick up issue 1015 now before the new arc begins, because it won’t be something you’ll want to miss.

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