Valeria gets more questions than answers in issue 4

As Valeria holes up in the monastery to heal from an attack, she meets with Antonius, her former friend. Antonius revealed hiself at the end of the last chapter as a traitor who was in the same place as she.

Now Valeria confronts him for answers when she had been told that he was responsible for killing her brother. As Antonius tells her about Cassian, he mentions another person involved in the incident, Blasius.

With a nearby fortress, guarded by mercenaries, Valeria sneaks in to get answers, only to have more questions; Why was Cassian killed? What was Antonius’s motive? Are the metran knights evil?

With everyone having a different interpretation of the events that transpired, it’s hard for her to figure out who to believe on her quest for vengeance. Instead, we get a story where she makes up her mind in the end, but we have to wait for the reveal.

Compared to the action you’d see in a normal Conan adventure, due to Meredith Finch’s storyline this series, it plays more like a quest for answers and solving a mystery rather than a tale of vengeance and blood. Due to the lack of action, most scenes are dull and involve sitting or standing and talking. This is a dialogue focused series with a story that continues to get us closer to the end and hopefully a big reveal and consequences. The best that Finch can do will be to have Valeria uncover a larger conspiracy that her brother was privy to and start a larger scale quest of vengeance, resulting In another series around the character.

While an under the radar series, Valeria is an enjoyable non-superhero series from Marvel. The universe that it encompasses and builds upon is reminiscent of Red Sonja, especially the current run with the political intrigue we’re getting to.

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