Titans breaks the bird out of its cage

With the past 3 episodes having a focus on Dick staying in prison while giving some details on where the other Titans are, we finally got larger developments this episode, while still needing to cover for other plots.

In its first development, Titans showcases all of the women of the team joining up, except ravager, as they are summoned by Bruce Wayne to reunite the team. Unfortunately for Bruce, only Starfire and Raven agree to help Dick out of prison, something that Dick would be capable of doing, if he weren’t so caught up for atoning for his own sins.

Another plot they go into is finally revealing where Jason and Ravager ran off o. Without much importance, we see they were just eloping and Ravager phones her dad to say she’s out of the game. While the phone call was important to set up the next episode, it was a lackluster reveal that added nothing new to the storyline, as it was already believed something like that could happen after previous developments with the two characters.

titans final element of story progression in this episode was their showcasing of Gar getting brainwashed to kill his teammates. The teammate in question that they showed was Raven, someone that Gar is closest with on the team.

Each of the three added something to the storyline to set up the last episode, albeit the Ravager parts added next-to-nothing other than drama between her and Jason, as well as, her phone call.

Compared to previous episodes, it was nice to see the team finally get back together, though Bruce Wayne came off as a Deus ex Machina, since each Titan was dealing with their own issues and didn’t finish the stories they started before he got involved. Nobody wants to see Dick in prison for the rest of the season as he is moping around, but using Bruce just to bring the team together so that they could reunite; that’s a rushed solution that felt out of place and disjointed.

Instead we now have to find out if Hawk and Dove will reunite and finish their conversation about being heroes; We have to find out if Gar will be saved by the end of the season; We have to find out if Blackfire will be dealt with or not; We have to find if Deathstroke will be defeated; We have to find out if Dick will become Nightwing and wear the suit; We have to find out if Raven is aware of her powers escaping and will find a way to control them; We have to find out if Raven is still going to help the girls she met at the house.

Unfortunately, the show has been introducing multiple plot elements throughout the season along with the overarching Deathstroke storyline, that I’m unsure if they will be able to tie many of the issues up nicely, or if they’ll do a hack job and rush the development for some characters due to time reasons. Having so many things unanswered and adding the new information about Jericho at the end; This episode still left many things unanswered and for the plot it added, tied up some storylines in a rushed kind of way.

Hopefully this season gives some kind of closure on a number of these plot developments they introduced, but for now, it looks like the show is rushing towards some kind of cohesive conclusion rather than working on important plot points, one at a time.

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