X-Men builds upon Krakoa’s mythos in latest installment

In the latest installment of Hickman’s X-Men series, we see Cyclops, Prestige and Cable join forces as they investigate an island that’s on a collision course with Krakoa.

As the team heads to investigate, they find out that island is inhabited by deadly plant-like monsters and a summoner of Arakko. Unbeknownst to the team, we find in the end that the island is another part of the Krakoa mainland, and the summoner is related to Apokalypse.

While the first chapter showcased who the antagonists will be for the series, this issue gave us more details about Apokalypse and Krakoa, as we’re introduced to a larger portion of the Island and a new character who has ties to the mutant.

Hickman’s storytelling in this issue was a well written piece compared to some of what he included in the first issue. This time, Hickman shows the family dynamic of a teasing and quarrelling brother and sister trough Prestige and Cable. Watching them taunt and tease ease other was enjoyable, and seeing Cable give a grenade as a gift, only to have the summoner set it off on accident; this sequence of events and the banter that followed was humorous. Hickman did a lot better job in writing the characters in this issue then he did in the previous installment.

Another great aspect of this issue was the further development of Apokalypse and adding to a storyline that we’ll see later down the line. Since he is now set to save both the children of Krakoa and Arakko. Having Apokalypse do this does beg the question though; Where will his saving Arakko align with him in the Excalibur storyline?

Since all of these events are happening around the same time in the extended X-Men universe, will Arakko impact the Excalibur storyline and vice-versa? Also, will the next X-Men issue give us more from the antagonists perspective and the humans who are working to combat the mutants?

Hopefully these elements are further fleshed out and brought to the forefront more as these series get further along. Until they do, this was a well conceived storyline in a great series of X-Men stories that Hickman brought about. I can’t wait to see where he goes from there.

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