Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night gives Lobo the spotlight

As part of their Dark Multiverse series of stories, DC created a new take on Blackest Night; having Sinestro keep the White Lantern power for himself, resulting in Lobo saving the universe.

Adapting a new take on the iconic Geoff John Event, Tim Seeley delivers an average and fun take on the series, without delivering anything game changing. Instead, we have a solid comic issue and what-if event that results in Sinestro feeling more despair by having the revived creatures and heroes take on aspects of Lobo through the Source Wall.

While this is a somewhat humorous conclusion, the most exciting aspects in this issue was Seeley’s writing of Lobo. Compared to Dove and Sinestro, it’s nice to see Lobo and his self centered ways as he works with the team.

Whereas the punchline of the whole issue was average, as you get the end result being a universe with all species carrying Lobo’s dna and innate nature. As a dark multiverse storyline, it did bring out a good what-if scenario, but in the end, it didn’t deliver anything new or groundbreaking to the table and instead delivered an average comic storyline.

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