Adam Glass CRUSHES it in latest Teen Titans

As Year of the Villain amps up across all comics, Author; Adam Glass and artist; Bernard Chang deliver on developing Lobo’s control over his daughter, Crush.

As the Titans and Red Arrow unite to take down Crush, the team is left defeated in the wake of her strength and taken as hostages to The Oher, the overarching villain for the current series. All that’s left is for Roundhouse to get free, along with Djinn to tackle the menace and break Lobo’s control.

Along with the sequences of fighting and talk of being trapped, we see cross story continuity happening as the current arc in The Flash is affecting Wally West’s ability to use the Speed Force. We also see a team having a hard time working through breaking Lobo’s hold on Crush, resulting in their defeat.

Adam Glass delivered in this issue with getting Red Aroow back on the team and adding a little more detail to Roundhouse’s motives and Robin’s desire to free Djinn.

Another great element in this issue was Chang’s art. This issue started with a lot of red, as we go into Crush’s mind and see Lobo’s hold on her. Chang then has panels focused on Crush and her perspective by giving us red bordered panels meant to symbolize her mind and Lobo’s will. This results in multiple pages and sequences where the audience is given the clue that; these moments take place where Crush can’t think properly, and these moments are from the team’s perspective as they are fighting Crush.

Chang also gives a lot of quick, small panels to showcase moments in the action through a lot of wide and close-up shots of the action. Most sequences involving Crush throwing heavy objects at the Titans.

Overall, the pacing and plot development, along with the colors to signal whose perspective we are viewing, made for a great addition to this run. I loved seeing the introduction of the overarching antagonist happen as we get closer to finding and defeating the main villain.

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