Vampirella increases stakes with addition of more villains

As Vampirella continues her therapy, we are introduced to the resurrection of Mistress Nyx, a demon from Drakulon that seeks to kill Vampirella.

We’re also introduced to Vampirella’s new job as a teacher to pass the time.

As the story progresses, Priest showcases Jezebel as she takes a trip to Nyx’s place, kills the child and waits for Nyx to arrive.

This issues story progression was consistent in terms of finally revealing who the body is that Kreist was reviving. We also got to see a little more into how Nyx interacts with her environment and those close to her; when she attacks Kreist and possesses the woman in the park. We also got development with what Vamirella is doing when she’s not dealing with her lovers or Drakulon enemies. This results in a steady progression of information as to Jezebel’s meeting with Nyx, Vampirella’s knowledge of events to come and Drakes involvement with future events as well.

Compared to the slower moments in recent issues, Priest delivered a consistently good story by giving more world building and detail into the past of Vampirella to make for an engaging issue.

Another good aspect of this issue was the consistent art from Gunduz. While Vampirella has its own unique style that could be considered an acquired taste, we’re able to see important sequences and the development of power and everyday life in some of the scenes he draws. Gunduz gives us a classroom with each kid uniquely drawn. We also get a forest sequence in Colorado, where Vampirella meets with Drake, and it showcases her in flight. Each of these moments and more throughout this issue, allowed for it to flourish with the consistent depictions of every character involved and the unique, somewhat minimalist style that Gunduz brings to the series.

With consistent art and story, Vampirella continues to showcase an enjoyable storyline and flashback into her life as she talks to her therapist.

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