Will Batman Superman impact future Justice League stories?

In a strong series that mirror’s Snyder’s Justice League, Williamson’s Batman Superman introduces the endgame of Batman Who Laughs plan.

When Luthor unleashed the Batman Who Laughs, we saw that Batman had plans that would be left alone while Luthor assembled the means to aid in summoning Promethea. This issue finally introduced us to what the endgame in Batman’s plan is compared to what’s going on with Promethea.

While Promethea rules over worlds that have given into doom and destroys the rest, Batman seeks to bring the Dark Multiverse to the current timeline. With worlds being destroyed and others being introduced, the two series have successfully merged the two villains concepts as we see who prevails and if the Batman Who Laughs will ultimately come into conflict with Promethea or will his plan ultimately help her?

As the latest issue introduces the final member, Supergirl, we’ll finally see things pick up for this series while Snyder’s run on Justice League winds down within the next 3 issues. As Luthor’s Legion is no more and Batman’s Six are formed, we’ll start to see a new evil league seek to take over the world through different means.

Since the Infected is the title of the new series and we’ll see these six have their own one offs, It’s safe to say that this series could merge its storyline into the Justice League story post-Snyder. With Batman and Superman at a disadvantage, while the League is closer to finding a means to beat Promethea, we are seeing the rise of a newer threat that will demand the full attention of The League.

Whether DC does go the route to adapt this story into the Justice League series after Snyder or to keep it within the realm of the two heroes is up in the air, but for now, we’ll see a new threat to be answered and a new evil team outside of what Snyder gave us in Metal.

If you’re late to the game on this series, I suggest finding the back issues and reading it, because the stakes are greater now and with DC’s Year of the Villain still in full effect, things can only get greater from here.

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