Batman unleashes last resort in Justice League 36

With their backs against the wall, Snyder gives more surprises from a ship mode on the Hall of Justice to Flash sending John Stewart to save Shayera.

After their defeat and the beginning of the end, we see Lex’s allies get betrayed by Promethea, for the sake of making Lex Stronger.

Snyder also gives us the last rays of hope as we get closer to a conclusion in three more chapters.

Compared to previous issues, this issue delivered important plot elements but barely moved the story forward. Snyder starts by giving us Batman and Promethea both preparing for the endgame in their own ways; Batman makes a vow and the Hall of Justice fly, while Promethea turns Braniac and captures Sinestro, Cheetah and Grodd; so she can use their powers and gift them to Lex to make him stronger.

While the Justice League attempts to save others as a last ditch effort, we only start the endgame on the last few pages and reveal the trump cards by both parties. Instead of pursuing the fight further after last issue or seeing more worlds get destroyed like the Gotham by Gaslight world, we are just given the teams getting some kind of change.

While integral to the story, this issue didn’t move the story forward as much as it did give the teams another element to help in the fight. With Snyder’s writing and only a few issues left, I hope that the upcoming issue will give us a cleaner end and not rush through it like other recent DC series are having to do, due to a lack of story focused issues.

Since this issue didn’t give us a way to move the plot forward, and only gave us a means to make everyone stronger, this issue was more on the weaker side of Snyder’s writing compared to previous issues where we see fights between characters and plans progressing from either side. Seeing the Hall fly doesn’t lead me to believe that the team got stronger in any meaningful way, and seeing as last issue Shayera got captured by the Monitor, I don’t know how much time Snyder will have pass between her capture and Stewarts arrival. If Stewart arrives before her capture to save the day, it would add for an anticlimactic solution. Also seeing as Shayera got injured in her last fight, including her wings, I’m uncertain how useful she’ll be due to the lack of what made the Justice League have a fighting chance.

Overall, this issue was still thoroughly entertaining, despite its shortcomings, and I’m excited to see what Snyder comes up with in the next issue.

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