Tom King’s Batman 83 suffers from unanswered questions and poor resolution.

After getting shot in the back and the death of Bane, Batman awakens to a dead Alfred and a closed off room…

As Tom King heads towards his last few issues of Batman, we are giving a touching moment with Alfred that takes up most of the issue and adds no story development or plot enhancement, except for Batman recalling things Alfred said.

This is then followed by Catowman as she gets Batman, and we find she was working with Thomas the whole time, while Thomas also has the Bat Family under his control too.

King has given us an entire issue filled with nothing good, except getting us closer to the next Batman series.

We got no plot development; no explanation how the Bat Family or Catwoman were turned; no explanation how Tim survived; No explanation how long Catwoman was working against Batman; no explanation how Bruce recovered quickly; no explanation why Bane was killed; no explanation how long Thomas was doing what he did. Tom King also gave us what looks like Bruce fighting Thomas the same way he fought Bane.

How King thought this was a good idea to spend an issue ruining a meaningful fight with Bane, to in turn give us an issue with no large plot developments, more unanswered questions and the start of the same kind of fight we just finished with Bane?

This issue was wasted space and at this point in the series, King should’ve been doing more to progress the plot meaningfully instead of giving the audience a quick and uninteresting conclusion with no answered questions.

If Tom King looks to enhance this final arc, he needs to answer all the questions as to why people survived, turned and Thomas Wayne did what he did, otherwise this series that started to pick up again with strong issues, will fizzle out with nothing but a weak finish led by poor storytelling.

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