Titans attempts to close two major plotlines in next episode

While Blackfire and Starfire reuniting is set for the third season, Titans latest episode sees the team on a collision course to reunite with friends and enemies alike at an amusement park in San Francisco, with a deadly merry-go-round.

As the series approached its final episode before the finale, we were introduced to Hawk’s whereabouts and his decision towards the end to reunite. We also saw Raven and Starfire go to San Francisco to help Gar, while Dick returns to Deathstroke’s home. While Dick returns to ask more questions, we see that Dove and Wonder Girl look into the company that kidnapped Superboy and Beast Boy, while Deathstroke suits up for the end game with rumours of the Titans reuniting; without Jason Todd.

The 12th episodes strongest moments lie in the writings ability to find a reason to reunite the heroes, without it being as forced as Bruce Wayne reuniting all the women to save Dick. Another strong element is further seeing Beat Boy using his powers to murder due to brainwashing.

What the series suffers from is that we still rely on if Jason Todd will now return to the team for the last episode after leaving Ravager? Will Blackfire make another appearance in some way to impact Starfire? Will we see Hawk and Dove reunite and work out their issues? Will Dick’s new persona be enough for him to accept what he did? Will Ravager still join the team? Was Superboy brainwashed along with Krypto or will they remain locked up? Will Raven have her powers under control or will they escape again and cause more drama?

All of these questions have yet to be answered, along with; Will the team make amends with Dick and accept him back into the fold?

The series, while having many strong episodes, still has multiple interactions that they failed to further flesh out. Will the convicts, that Dick helped escape so they could live, make a reappearance? Did Dick’s informant even matter? Will Ravager still support her dad, like she had done previously?

Each episode has only given more questions than answers as we questioned loyalties and characters questioned themselves or their powers. Raven still hasn’t mastered her abilities after capturing her dad in the gem, and we still have to figure out what’s going to happen to the two villains we are dealing with now instead of a season focused around Deathstroke taking advantage of the team.

While an entertaining series overall, I wish they’d address all of the plotlines and character building moments they addressed earlier and find some way to try and tie things up nicely, instead of leaving certain plots for the next season, where they might never be addressed again.

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