Carnage brings about a new world order in final chapter

As Cates Absolute Carnage comes to a close, we’re seeing a new event occur in the wake of the finale… the rise of the final boss monster.

As Venom continues his final fight with Carnage to prevent the rise of Knull, we find it to be a lost cause along with the reveal from Venom to his son in a comedic moment at the end.

As the series comes to a close, Cates has created a truly wonderful world and storyline that will find its way to impact his current Venom run further.

Unleashing Knull and bringing a new threat to the symbiote storyline, along with Scream and the new solo book we are getting this week; Cates has introduced a new world and element of strong storytelling that’s supported by the creative scenes given by Ryan Stegman.

In the final issue, Stegman gave us Carnage exploding in a full page spread, and we got Venom pulling a sword out of his body, as well as, a full page spread featuring Knull awakening and hundreds of symbiotes breaking free. This issue had it all and gave us much more.

As the series progresses, and Cates continues with the Venom storyline at Marvel comics, we can look forward to seeing many more strong installments from him as he shapes Spiderman storylines.

Unfortunately, Marvel stories have been all over the place with timelines and continuity that it’s hard to pin down if these events are canonical in the larger scheme of marvel comics, or if we’ll be seeing it as a small internal universe.

In this issue, we see Spiderman and others fighting the symbiotes, but we also saw Captain Marvel turn evil in her latest issue, and we saw Captain marvel and wolverine turn into zombies in the Marvel Zombies series.

Marvel has created many more comics around their heroes than DC and in turn, it’s hard to tell which of these storylines they have are canon or which universe they take place in.

Hopefully, due to the strong success that Cates continues to have, the next Venom and Carnage series he does at Marvel continues to shape the universe and create a singular storyline impacted by his work, rather than a series of comics centered around whatever each author wants to do.

Marvel has numerous strong authors and Cates has proven himself to be one of them, time and time again, so when Marvel decides to have their own Scott Snyder to shape their world, I hope Donny Cates is chosen to fill that role, because he’s been a phenomenal author.

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