Venom has more than Knull to worry about in latest issue

As Absolute Carnage wrapped up last week, Cates latest Venom gives us more conclusion and a new development with Reed Richards, the man who helped extract symbiotes from the Avengers.

I an effort to recreate his destroyed planet, we see Richards working more on time travel and in turn, sending a symbiote from his old timeline to his current residence.

This story development is well conceived because it gives the audience another threat, and more factors upon Knull’s arrival.

Knull is considered the creator of symbiotes and as their god, reawoke to reclaim venom and the carnage symbiotes that went into Brock’s body. As a result, we’ll see what happens to Brock overtime as he has more symbiotes inside him, along with Venom.

Will having more symbiotes affect Brock or Venom’s personality or behavior or will Venom remain the dominant personality?

Since Carnage grew stronger and did more from having the extra symbiotes, could we see more capabilities from Venom as he works to stop Knull in the coming chapters?

Another important plot development that we’re seeing is that Brock’s son was born of human and symbiote in the womb and now possesses the ability to destroy symbiotes. We saw this in carnage, but now Cates gave more detail into how other symbiotes were formed and impact the current marvel world.

Is Brock’s son able to kill Knull? Will his powers be on par?

With a potentially stronger Venoma nad a stronger son, it’ll be curious to see how Cates decides to handle the coming chapters.

We also saw the development of the Council of Reed Richards, who’re using the symbiotes as a means to recreate a destroyed earth. With a new symbiote from another world arriving, it’ll be interesting to see how things pan out. Will Reed allow for the symbiote to meld with him and give us a genius level symbiote?

Every time symbiotes have taken a host in the past, they’ve managed to adopt the personality traits of their host, but this time we are getting something different. We’d be seeing if the symbiote will develop a stronger intellect if it were to go inside Reeds body. We”ll also see if Reed remains an ally while in possession of the symbiote, or if it’ll turn him and Knull will use Richards to his advantage.

Cates delivered a lot to think about with more plot elements and potential story paths to take the Venom series going forward. This was a strong issue in building upon the symbiote mythos and Cates has done even more to enhance the world he’s helped to create further by adapting the lore of Venom to towards his own goals, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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