Azur Lane Hololive Event Simplified

On November 27th Azur Lane initiated their new big event, the Hololive collab on the English server. Like most major events, the game enjoys dropping several smaller events running concurrently with the main one. During the Hololive event, there are currently 5 smaller events alongside it. The sheer amount of extra content can be a bit overwhelming especially when you just want to focus on grinding the event currency to clear the shop. I’m going to break down these smaller events and walk through how to clear each one while doing the event instead of going out of your way to do so.

Good Morning Azur Lane

Until December 3rd, this mission will give you a new daily roulette that will have 2 theme tasks associated with one of the seven-event ships. Since this mini-event is roulette themed, the order of missions will be random and different for every player. Each roulette mission consists of an easy mission like restocking the dorm or enhancing ships while the other mission has your farming 6k experience for a certain class of ships. This can be destroyers, aircraft, light carriers, etc. The best way to quickly farm this experience is to make your farming fleet with that specific class. While the normal maps award less experience due to its easier difficulty, they are much easier to farm due to the low level. While it is annoying to constantly shift around your fleet, this is the best way to quickly complete this mission every day.

Mio’s Divination Hall

Otherwise known as the Affection Event, this is the most tedious mini-event so far in Azur Lane. The point of this event is extremely straightforward with clearing main chapter events past the third chapter or event maps in order to receive affection points to permanently add Ookami Mio to your fleet. This is the first time in Azur Lane history where you receive a welfare unit upon login but must grind to keep them after the event ends. This is very typical in other gacha games like Fate Grand Order but a first for Azur Lane.

While this banner may seem straightforward and simple at first glance, I want to note how painfully slow of a process it is to gather affection points. I have not been grinding the event super hard yet but have sunk several hours already into it and as you can see I only have 74/100 affection points. That is just for this first reward. In order to permanently add Ookami you must gain a max total of 1000 affection points before the end of the event. Granted, the gimmick to doubling your affection points earned is to add Ookami to your farming party

Affection Points awarded per map. Credit to the Azur Lane Wiki for this information.

Those are the affection points per clear of each map, while the later main chapter reward more affection points they are not the most ideal due to their difficulty and not being optimal to kill two birds with one stone since the event maps reward the shop currency. The trick here is that you must have Ookami in your boss fleet and she must live through the fight in order the receive the double the points. So, take map T6 as an example, you will receive 28 points per clear with Ookami in your fleet if she lives through the battle. That means it will take 4 T6 runs total to complete the first mission and about 36 runs total to get the 1000 points needed. This is only if each mission doesn’t reset you to zero otherwise it will take significantly more than that. Now, that may not sound too bad for some but to others, that is a lot of runs for a casual player but that is the only optimal way to clear this event efficiently.

HQ Blasting

This is the most straightforward and simple mission for this event. While you farm more event currency you will reach checkpoints for receiving X amount. A standard mission for every Azur Lane event, you will need 10k of the currency minimum in order to add the welfare ship, Murasaki Shion to your dock. Below is a table to help you plan which nodes to effectively farm. Before you reach this minimum goal you should also have enough currency to buy the SSR ship in the shop, Tokino Sora.

Hololive Resistance

Alongside the prior three events, this is a mandatory completion in order the complete the 5th and final event that I will discuss later on. In this event, you must 3-star every event map while you grind and then complete the associated mini-game with each in order to receive the Hololive symbol. Upon receiving this item then you can work towards clearing one of the 9 tasks for the fifth mission.

Port Terminal

This is the final event running alongside the Hololive Collab maps. In this adorable, Minecraft themed mini-game you must complete 9 tasks in order to create the Hololive HQ furniture item. Since this is more of a cosmetic item it is only vital to the most dedicated of players that want to farm to the utmost in this event. In order to complete some of the tasks in this mini-game, you must complete the prior missions to clear 3 of the tasks. By completing the Resistance mission you will receive the Hololive Emblem that you must then enhance to the max level to complete another task. For the remaining four you must build 30 ships, defeat 1500 enemies, clear the SP map (must complete all prior event maps to unlock) and collect a total of 24k event currency. That is over double the minimum amount needed to gain the welfare ship, Murasaki. The 9th and final task will be automatically completed upon completing the prior 8. This is a super heavy grind mission that involves a lot of time and dedication.

While appearing quite overwhelming at first glance, just grind a casual amount each day and by the end of the event on December 17th, you should be able to complete 4 out of 5 of these mini-missions.

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