Hill’s Fallen Angels showcases new villain tech

As Psylocke learns to understand her team and vice-versa, we begin to see more details of her past and her teams plans for the present.

Hill delivers a traditional story of redemption as we glimpse more into psylocke’s upbringing and and what drives characters like Cable.

At the start, Psylocke introduces a time where a man was killed, but his wife spared to escape their life and raise their child. The act of mercy is short lived and Psylocke lost the women to others who were sent to kill her.

This sense of regret and inability to save those that matter is something she feels strongly in what she does. Whereas Cable gets imagery of a workshop were they’re housing and using children to create and mine for materials to make Overclock, the drug from the first issue that resulted in a train explosion.

All of these factor into their next issue, as we’ll see more character development and hurdles overcome from these characters as they learn from each other. In a meaningful line from Psylocke, she talks about learning goodness from Cable and X-23, as she still refers to herself as the empty shell that Betsy Braddock had inhabited.

Overtime, I expect Hill will have Psylocke accept her own goodness and stop referring to herself as an empty shell. This’ll e one of the major plot points going forward. Another major plot we are seeing develop is Cable’s inability to notice the giant machine at the end, whereas he could see other enemies before. This means that either the villain has a means to stop Cable’s powers or we’ll see Cable get a better hold of them going forward to support other mutants.

Unfortunately, the one issue I have with Hill’s series at the moment is while we have developed a little important plot elements with Cable and Psylocke, we are due for some X-23 development.

While the series is a team formed by Psylocke and she is the main focus in each chapter so far, X-3 has had little to do with the team or talking in the first two issues. It comes off as the most development or plot points so far are either Psylocke or the occasional plot point from Cable.

In the previous issue, we saw Cable ask X-23 to dance and get thrown to the ground. In this one, he has a heart-to-heart with Psylocke, resulting in their current mission and his powers not noticing a large robot headed their way. These moments seemed more lighthearted or integral to the series compared to X-23 being used as additional muscle in issue one. As the series progresses, I’m sure Hill will write in more growth for all of these characters, but I find it disappointing that X-23 feels like she is taking a backseat to Cable so far in terms of getting anything meaningful or fun for her character.

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