Your Weekly Anime Recap #2

Arc conclusions, suspense building and full-blown emotions brimming to the surface, the episodes of this week had it all. Toss in a bit of confusion and then you have the complete recipe for this recent week of anime. Lets shift focus to what anime really attracted attention this week both positive and negative.

Granblue Fantasy Episode 8

Wait, is this the 8th or the 9th episode? Honestly, that’s how the first six minutes of this episode played out, I honestly thought I skipped an episode because of how fast the arc came to a conclusion. For a decent anime, this episode certainly weighed the entire arc down with its insanely fast pacing and moments where it felt like an entire episode’s worth of content was just cut. We had our characters in one place doing a ritual to summon the Primal Beast and then the next they are trying to save the townspeople from the Beast’s rampage. Also, in the last episode we see Io devoured by the Beast but all of a sudden she is saved and protecting the down. Not only is this a major continuity issue but also a massive plot hole because it isn’t explained why they saved her and not Lyria and Orchis who were trapped there as well.

For a finale to a suspenseful arc, it felt rushed and the reveal at the end didn’t have much pay off due to the lack of teasing information related to Ferry’s mystery until the very end when everything is resolved. Overall, a subpar episode and lackluster conclusion to an otherwise interesting arc.

Oresuki episode 9

Back again for its exceptional character development and solid delivery. Oresuki‘s latest episode delivers exceptional character development to Himawari, making the obnoxious best friend character quickly become the second best girl in the series. We see Kisaragi get in a fight with Pansy over working a job to buy her another copy of the book. She calls him out on his decision to do so as a purely selfish one since he never completely confessed why he wanted to work and what he wanted to achieve by doing so. We see the main protagonist overcome his inferiority complex and start to develop into the character he is meant to be.

Episode 9 offers a great balance of attention to each character while introducing us to another new one, Itsuki. There is no way of telling (unless you read the manga) to what role he will play later on but for now he acts as the voice of confidence to help Kisaragi overcome his inferiority complex. There may only be three episodes left in the series but it is safe the assume that the story is holding one last surprise.

No Guns Life episode 8

The latest episode saw the conclusion of the Hayden and Mega Armed arc with Juzo and Olivier bringing them to justice. In this episode we get a little peek behind the curtains of Juzo’s past as he wrestles with his inner demons to fight the beast Mega-Armed has awoken in him. There are a lot of human moments in this episode that bring the story to a close. With Olivier and Tetsurou helping Juzo overcome the beast inside him.

The episode does a fantastic job of bringing this story to a close while simultaneously opening the door for the bigger story to come. Mega-Armed informs Olivier that he cannot be brought to justice and insists that she let him go because her efforts are in vain. While she questions him in the back of the police van she starts to connect the dots that everything traces back to the Berühren Corporation. It has been alluded that the massive, evil corporation had many far reaching ties but now it is starting to become known of how far they reach. A corporation that can manipulate the meaning of law and justice. The episode does a marvelous job and making the reveal feel organic and naturally occurring, nothing feels rushed or forced for the sake of convenience.

Fate Grand Order: episode 9


Good Morning, Goddess of Venus; the 9th episode in the Babylonia anime is a perfect episode for the story to pick up from the climatic conclusion of the previous episode. The episode can be summarized quickly with Gilgamesh discovering that forming an alliance with the other two goddesses is the only way they can defeat Gorgon. Fujimaru is given his next task of recruiting Ishtar and having her fight alongside them. We get a lot of great comedic Rin Tohsaka moments with Ishtar acting all tsundere as they bribe her with Gilgamesh’s treasury. It doesn’t take long for the goddess to be completely overwhelmed and join them without hesitation.

Once Ishtar joins, a lot of fans get to see one of the moments they had long been looking forward to, the night scenes with Ishtar. In this first moment we get a slight romantic tension between what is presumed to be Ishtar and Fujimaru. The catch here is that this isn’t exactly Ishtar that he is talking to at night but rather, another fan favorite, Ereshkigal. There are several of these moments to come in the next couple episodes with each one becoming more magical than the last. While these episodes may feel slow in pacing compared to the previous, they will be vital in the build up to the final confrontation with Gorgon.

Doctor Stone episode 22

Compared to the previous week, the latest episode of Doctor Stone brought a lot of necessary character development. In the recent episode we see Senku and Chrome journey with Magma to a nearby cave. In the cave they discover a collection of rare metals that will help them create their cell phone. While they are in the cave we see Magma try to save Senku from falling down a hole as the ground beneath him gives way. The two of them end up trapped and must work together to get free.

Due to Magma’s previous behavior we see his as nothing more than a mindless brute that wants to eliminate Senku and become chief. After Senku became the village chief we have never seen Magma develop as a character and that has been a few episodes. But now that Magma has been brought to the forefront we see him develop into a dependable character that is loyal to Senku and will do everything necessary to help their village flourish. It’s an amazing development to see what we assumed to be a mindless brute easily become one of the best characters in the series.

The great thing about this series is that you typically think of the super-smart character as extremely egotistical that likes to belittle others for being inferior to them. Doctor Stone never does that and instead we see Senku willing to educate others so they can be of service to him. Due to his insane knowledge, it is apparent he doesn’t really have much feelings for others. Episode 9 breaks that mold once again to reveal that he constantly puts on an act of being cold and emotionless even though he is just as human as everyone else. He cried over the thought of his father’s passing and at the end of the episode we see him cry once again as Gen brings everyone together to celebrate Senku’s birthday. It is there moments that the series consists of that reminds us just how human Senku is and underneath that rocky exterior he’s just a big sweet heart that can get emotional rather easy.

This has been a great week in anime, not all can be great but the ones that shined this week reminded us why we continue to watch them.

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