Best Comic titles of November, 2019

With over a hundred titles released every month, it’s hard to know which comics to look for when picking up back issues or looking for upcoming graphic novels, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the best series from this past month. Look for these issues at your local comic shop.

Best New Series: Fallen Angels

Marvel’s Fallen Angels from their X-Men line-up is the strongest new series at Marvel and in the new series of comics. The story focuses on Psylocke as she recruits a team to deal with an unknown assailant who creates drugs that kill children and turn them into time bombs. The series opens with a train explosion and we see as Psylocke and her team come together as a means to grow and learn from their past, as well as find themselves through seeking vengeance.

Compared to other marvel series that’ve wrapped or are continuing, This series is by far the most enjoyable read and consistently entertaining run. From Hill’s writing and development of characters, to the art by Szymon Kudranski, this series has everything for a gripping tale with intense characters and a exciing action sequences, coupled with gorgeous art.

Best Ongoing Series: YOTV

DC’s entire theme of Year of the Villain has been met with strong crossover and plot developments across all their series, making for a cohesive singular storyline, as opposed to Marvel’s all over the place continuity.

From Freeze reviving his wife in Detective Comics, to Banes control of the city in Batman and Catwoman’s Lazarus Pit, we’ve seen a lot of strong issues around the DC comics.

Scott Snyder’s Justice League run is what we have to thank as it’s what ties all these series together with Lex Luthor helping each villain, and now that we have his run coming to an end, I’d highly recommend getting every graphic novel from the YOTV series in 2019.

My favorite stand alone series with tie-ins were Catwoman, Teen Titans and Justice League Dark; but DC has strong series across the board with a lot of their current runs in this themed universe, and it looks like even after Snyder is done, the arc in Batman Superman will impact more of the upcoming DC series as Batman Who Laughs will take center stage across multiple comics.

Whether you’re looking for an old or new series, you can wait until the graphic novels come out this holiday season for the DC series, but with Fallen Angels at two issues already, I recommend picking them up before it’s too late because you’ll love what’s coming next as Hill’s writing continues to be stronger compared to his Outsiders run at DC.

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