Titans finale fails to leave a positive impression

With the build up and division of the team, resulting in the creation of Nightwing and the final fight against Deathstroke and Cadmus, Titans fails to pull off a clean resolution on all their plot points.

In the early parts, we are introduced to Deathstroke and Nightwing, only for the villain to be killed quickly, resulting in a short fight sequence and lackluster resolution. While, thankfully, they didn’t draw it out, we got very little build up to the final fight as Deathstroke hears about the Titans reuniting and returns to kill them as his incentive. This sequence of events takes place briefly in the previous episode.

Before that sequence, we’re given a larger amount of time spent on developing everyone wo left to do their own thing, which led to the Cadmus antagonist aspect of the final episode. Throughout the show we get Cadmus introduced in the Connor episode, and we see Cadmus get involved when they are kidnapped, otherwise they are very limited in their involvement in the series.

We also see little involvement from Deathstroke after the first few episodes as he just sits at home until something happens. As the villain who was advertised for the season, and on their poster, the writers failed to give us more stakes and development from Deathstroke, albeit a strong first half of the season, leading to the fall.

After beating Deathstroke, the largest focus we get of the episode is on rescuing Gar and Connor from Cadmus control, but we also see poor execution here when Hawk magically shows up at the right place in time, because he had to find Dove. How did he know she was there specifically? Last we saw Hawk, he was still living in another state with plans to see her, but he had no communication with her after their fight. Instead we just get a quick resolution with the two making up with each other over a fight with Connor. The writers gave us no build-up and a quick resolution instead of taking time to explain. This issue would’ve been fixed if the authors took the time to not incorporate as many plot points as they did when the team split up.

Another issue with the finale was having the death at the end of the season. The writers gave us no build-up to anything happening, instead they inserted a short sequence and a lackluster death, just to try and get an emotional sequence out of the episode, but it failed. While we’ve grown with the team, they killed a character who has had very little screen time during this season, and they killed them in a way that made it feel forced and rushed.

“Lets wait for the last few minutes and find an excuse to kill someone, rather than have them die from an injury with fighting Connor.”

I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to kill the character the way they did when they had chances from Deathstroke and Connor both to make a more meaningful death occur. Instead they treat it as a big event that sets up the next season, but I didn’t feel as emotionally attached as the writers were hoping people would. Instead, it left me disappointed.

While the season contained overall good episodes, especially with a strong first half, resulting in the division of the team by Deathstroke, it filed to keep up the same strong plot as it fizzled out with a whimper at the end. Titans needs to balance plot points better instead of introducing more halfway and creating multiple antagonists, resulting in one of them getting a reduced screen time to resolve their conflict. Instead, it gave us too many plots, a quick resolution, and not enough time to develop characters and their evolutions so that we can become more emotionally attached before they kill them off.

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