Odessa’s ploy revealed in latest Black Cat

After the annual and date issues, Felicia picks back up with chasing down the location of her teacher after he’s been taken by Odessa Drake.

In the latest chapter, we focus more on Odessa and her connection to Fox, mixed in with scenes of Felicia running on rooftops and taking out Odessa’s thugs. These sequences added to the action and featured some nice looking scenes by Travel Foreman. The best sequences were when we saw Odessa take up her fathers mantle and make a pact with the patron of Thieves guilds. In the sequence we see piles of gold and a large skeletal being staring down at Odessa.

Another instance that stood out was seeing the action of Felicia breaking windows as she jumps through and kicks some of Odessa’s guards. This sequence added to the action and brought more character to the flashbacks that were most prevalent in this issue.

In the flashbacks, we saw the decline of the New York Thieve’s Guild after turning down the paton, resulting in gold turning into water. This sequence saw thieves on their knees trying to grasp at the gold they lost by denying the patron.

We also saw the rise of Odessa’s father to prominence after his training with Fox. This results in further development from Odessa that Fox killed her father, due to an argument that cost the two their friendship as student and teacher.

The art in this issue was standard in terms of coloring and sequencing, but stood out in terms of the imagery and action poses used throughout the issue. MacKay’s writing was also above average with its building upon the main antagonist and giving the plot points to further develop; Did Fox kill Odessa’s Father? Will Odessa stop at just Fox or seek to bring Felicia under her control? Will Felicia still heist from heroes or will she target Odessa’s treasures?

All of these come to the forefront now, since we have a singular purpose arisen, past the stealing a few items from various heroes. I look forward to seeing what’s next for our thief as she has now come face to face with Odessa and a fight is imminent in the coming issues.

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