Harley Quinn revels in excessive language and violence in ep.2

Admittedly, It’s hard to create an ideal version of Harley Quinn nowadays, same goes for Deadpool, but when your jokes consist of overused concepts and poor delivery, while adding over the top violence and cussing to make it edgy…this show has obvious flaws.

After episode one, Harley left Joker because of the toxic relationship and Poison Ivy being the voice of reason. As a supporting character, most of what happens and Harley getting by seems to rely heavily on Ivy getting her out of situations that Harley puts herself into. This results in the appearance of a continuous gag that’ll probably happen repeatedly until we get more characters on Harley’s team.

This episode gave us the usual large amount of F’bombs, and a joke about cursing. We also got Harley bringing a tiger and driniking champagne when she unexpectedly crashes Penguin’s son’s barmitzvah (this was probably the funniest part). Other than that though we just get Harley getting into fights and trouble, only to have Ivy bail her out in some way.

In the first episode, Harley needed Ivy to get out of jail. In this episode she needed Ivy to make it out alive. We also see Ivy telling Harley what she should be doing, and Harley doing her own thing. Harley was advised not to get back with Joker in episode one, but she did anyway and then listened to Ivy finally. In this episode, Ivy told Harley not to crash the party but she did anyway.

We also see an excessive use of things getting destroyed or broken as all the well animated action sequences are filled with people getting bones broken out of their bodies for the sake of hyperviolence.

We’re also seeing the use of excessive cussing for the sake of edgy or portraying the series as “not for kids.”

Unfortunately, everything they’ve done has been not as relatable or humorous as the delivery always comes off as forced. Ivy’s lines seem monotonous with no real emotion behind them. Harley is always hyper in her voicing with no accent and a penchant for cursing repeatedly, because comedy.

This series also includes jokes that are overused, like calling Harley a stripper because f her outfit. We also get jokes about Kiteman being a useless character, and him thinking Ivy wants to sleep with him because he’s helping her. There’s also the jokes about young kids being attracted to Ivy and jokes about sex that have been done to death.

In the first episode they even had jokes about Reese Witherspoon, which didn’t mean anything to me. The series includes either overused jokes, excessive words as jokes, or things that go over my head. What the series does well is in their action sequences and I can tell when they’re trying to attempt comedy, but they don’t appear to understand that not all these jokes are funny. If a few people who are watching get it, great, but I’ve yet to laugh at most of the jokes they’ve had. Instead I’m left with a series that is good as a drama or action animated series, but the comedic elements fall flat most times. While uncertain if watching the episodes multiple times will help me to understand the humor and appreciate it more, from a first view standpoint, this show still fundamentally lacks a sense of comedy, and relies on excessive gags to portray that it’s edgy.

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